Monday 31/12/12 - Bill and Ted from The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary

More gorgeous white piggies for our Rescue Piggie of the Wheek segment! This will be our last 'lifer' pair, but they are a beautiful pair to finish with, before we go back to trying to find piggies loving forever homes.
Meet Bill (on the left) and Ted (on the right). These two very handsome boys live with Debbie at The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary permanently, as they are what is known as 'lethal' guinea pigs. Lethal guinea pigs are the occasional result of breeding dalmatian or roan guinea pigs to each other, which sadly leaves the baby piggies with health deformaties such as blindness, deafness, dental issues etc. The piggies don't often have the best chance in life, if they do in fact survive for a long time: sadly they do not have always have a wonderful future.
Bill and Ted are both lethals with blindness and deafness. While this would be intimidating for most piggies, these two boys have a wonderful life with Debbie, and have learnt to adapt to their surroundings and their life. Both boys are approx. a year old, so still have the potential for a long and happy life. They are a shining example of how having a disability doesn't make them any less lovable or functioning :)

You can sponsor Bill and/or Ted through The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary website: This can be for as little as 3 months, or up to a year. Every penny goes a long way to helping a piggie in need :)

Monday 24/12/12 - Kevin and Perry from The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary

Two more gorgeous gentlemen are featured as our Rescue Piggies of the Wheek! These beautiful white boys are Kevin (on the left) and Perry (on the right)
As promised, these guinea pigs are long-term residents of a rescue; guinea pigs that will see out the rest of their little furry lives with the best possible care. This time, the care comes from Debbie at The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary. This rescue, based in Northampton, specialises in providing care for guinea pigs with dental issues; not just because she's excellent with them, but because she has one of the best dental vets in the country right on her doorstep! And in the case of these two boys, this was definitely a benefit...

Kevin and Perry were found dumped in someone's back garden in a cardboard box. The lady who owned the house thankfully took them in until she could get them some rescue space. Sadly, she didn't realise at first that Kevin wasn't eating, but when she did, she gave them straight over to Barnsley Animal Rescue Centre (A.K.A. BARC). They were fostered by a lovely lady named Paula, who contacted Debbie to see if her vet, the wonderful Simon Maddock, could have a look at their teeth. Kevin's teeth were so badly overgrown and in such dreadful condition, that he weighed just 325g and looked like he could die within hours.
Thankfully, Simon's skills are unparalled when dealing with guinea pigs and rabbits with dental problems. After 3 dental procedures, Kevin's teeth were back to normal and he has gained weight rapidly. He's gone from strength to strength, and you'd never know he was the same guinea pig! Perry was not in the same bad condition, but was still underweight and had been through the same process of being ditched :(
Just to make sure that Kevin is in the best place should his dental condition re-occur, however to this day he hasn't had a single relapse and he's chowing down with the best of them!

If you want to sponsor Kevin and/or Perry, there are a number of options. Sponsorship goes from a minimum of 3 months, all the way up to a year (3 months, 6 months or a year) From £3 a month, you can sponsor a piggie, or splash out and pay £30 for an annual sponsorship. The money really does go a long way; Debbie has a lot of very high vet bills due to her speciality care (the vet bills for March were nearly £300, and she doesn't get paid!)
I know it's Christmas and money is tight for everyone, but the work doesn't stop just because it's Christmas. Please consider sponsoring a guinea pig and making a big difference to a little furry piggie :)

Monday 17/12/12 - Pickle and Boo from Milhaven GPR

Our Rescue Piggies of the Wheek section is going to be a bit different for the next few wheeks. Any decent rescue will tell you that, unless the circumstances are exceptional, they won't rehome over Christmas. Chances are they are worried about those same guinea pigs coming back in a few weeks or months, saying that 'Their child isn't interested anymore' or 'We can't be bothered to take care of it'.
So until New Year, Potty for Piggies will be highlighting long term residents of rescues: those guinea pigs that won't be rehomed due to either a traumatic start in life, ongoing medical issues or the high risk of the guinea pig being used for breeding.

I'm sadly noticing a pattern in that all our Rescue Piggies of the Wheek seem to be boys! However, these two have the sweetest stories and such wonderful natures! Joanne at Milhaven Guinea Pig Rescue has a number of long-term residents due to their health conditions. Pickle and Boo are just 2 of these residents, and for just £10 a year (that's less than £1 a month!) you can sponsor them and make a real difference to their lives. Check out the sponsorship page for more information. You'll even get a little sponsorship pack, so you can even give sponsorship as a gift to a fellow piggie person :)

Pickle is a sweetheart of a piggie, loving cuddles and attention like a tickle behind the ears. He is approx. 18 months old, but when he arrived at the rescue he had the biggest hole in his back that Joanne had ever seen! He had been attacked by another boar and been left with the injury. His back has now healed but he is prone to getting absences and needs lots of attention for the future.
Boo is one of the longer term residents; he's been at Milhaven since he was a baby and he's now 2 years old! He's always the first wheeking for food and has a lovely temperament. Sadly, he is the result of some inbreeding and has a number of health issues; he's blind in one eye, a skin condition and a foot disability. While he hates haircuts, he loves being brushed!

Joanne felt the need to add:
Pickle is now living with a large tumour on his lower back which can't be removed due to where it is, but he is happy and functioning as normal at the moment. Pickle came to us with 15 other piggies from a back street breeder who was having them all put to sleep because no one wanted pink eyed ginger piggies!! (I suspect it was not a humane way of putting to sleep either).

Boo was deemed too ugly to sell in a pet shop and was kept in the back storeroom so nobody had to look at him. I introduced these boys and they have been best friends from the very first minute.

You can make a massive difference to these piggies' lives in rescue by choosing to sponsor them individually, or donating to Milhaven. Joanne was in a car accident a few months ago and had to stop all of her fundraising efforts: the pennies never counted more than they do now! Please consider sponsoring a guinea pig or donating to the rescue.