Welcome to Potty for Piggies!

Potty for Piggies is the top UK website designed to provide information on guinea pigs, including the rapidly increasing world of Guinea Pig Rescues across the UK.
We started in November 2012, and since then have helped guinea pigs find homes, raised awareness for rescues, not to mention raising money too - and provided advice and guidance for owners.

Guinea Pig rescues work tirelessly day and night to provide love, care and treatment for neglected or unwanted guinea pigs across the country, and just one of the aims of this website is to help encourage people to adopt from rescue, instead of buying or breeding!

Our lovely admins, Lauren, Suzanne & Cath, will aim to keep you informed and up-to-date with the world of rescues, provide care tips and advice for owners and help guinea pigs out there find new, loving forever homes. They do it all in their spare time for the love of the piggies!
We support a different rescue every month, with foot traffic through our Facebook fan page and website being used to raise money that we donate. Nominations are always welcome, if you have a rescue in mind!

You'll also be informed about the Piggy Bank, a support network of recommended rescues and volunteers from all over, dedicated to providing transport and the best possible care to piggies in need. They also ask for the highest standards from any rescue they endorse: if it's a Piggy Bank rescue, it's one of the best!

Please keep watching for new and exciting things, and we value any contributions you may have. Please message through our Facebook page, or email [email protected] if you'd like to be a part of the top guinea pig rescue support site around!

What kind of things do we write about?

* Rescue Piggie(s) of the Wheek - finding guinea pigs brand new forever homes.
* Health advice - common ailments you might find yourself faced with as an owner.

* Care tips - basic information to help you give your guineas the best life possible.

* Top Treats - nibbles, noms, toys and playthings to keep your guineas happy and entertained.

* Postcard from the Pompypigs - Suzanne's group of guinea pigs checking in to let you know about their life!

* Happy Rehoming Stories - the happily ever after of adopting piggies and how they found their forever home.

* About the Piggy Bank - what this group of amazing volunteers does in times of need.
** NEW ** I'm a Lifer - please sponsor me! - the background information and stories of those guinea pigs who are permanent residents in rescue, for whatever reason.

** Coming soon ** Bonkers for Bunnies! - bits of information and advice on our other favourite small furries - a lot of guinea pig rescues help with bunnies too!

** Coming soon ** A day in the rescue - ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in a guinea pig rescue?...

** NEW for 2014 ** Rescues across the world! - We know about the UK, but what about small animal rescues outside of our country?

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